Wyoming Historical Society Volunteer Opportunities

The Wyoming Historical Society is always seeking additional information about our community. As such, we have a vigorous program to collect, preserve, and catalog items of Wyoming's history. That includes photographs, event programs, yearbooks (any grade or year), house histories, family genealogies, letter sweaters, and class photographs. Any and all memorabilia pertaining to life in Wyoming at any period of time are accepted. Items can be scanned or photocopied and the originals returned, if desired. Volunteer assistance is vital to this endeavor. In addition to the above tasks, volunteers are used to maintaining the archives, staffing the booth at events, preparing and guiding house tours, developing educational programs, gathering oral history interviews, indexing Wyoming Living Magazine, and many other activities. Please contact the Wyoming Historical Society if you would like to donate your time to these or other related activities.

We can be reached by phone at 513-842-1383 (leave a message, your call will be returned) or email the Historical Society.