Wyoming Historical Society Resources

The headquarters, research library, and Museum of the Wyoming Historical Society are located on the lower level of the City Municipal Building at 800 Oak Avenue. This location serves as the focal point for the Historical Society’s activities and includes modern storage facilities for the photos, books, artifacts, and documents included in the Historical Society’s archives.

Items in the archives include but are not limited to:

  • Early Village Records
  • Early City Records
  • Genealogies of Local Founding Families and long-term families
  • Wyoming High School Yearbooks
  • Wyoming Primary and Middle School Annuals (incomplete)
  • Wyoming High School Alumni Association Archives
  • Wyoming PTA Archives
  • Wyoming Woman’s Club Archives
  • Wyoming Junior Women’s Club Archives
  • Wyoming Tennis Association Scrapbooks
  • Wyoming Players Scrapbooks
  • Lockland-Wyoming Kiwanis Club Archives
  • Complete collection of Wyoming Living Magazine (1983 to current)
  • House History Files
  • Wyoming School class photographs
  • Wyoming, SW Ohio, and Ohio maps covering a large span of years
  • Photographs of all sorts
  • Oral History Tapes

Many written histories of Wyoming, Hamilton County, and Cincinnati are available in the Society’s reference/research library. There are also selections on the history of local transportation and military actions. For those wanting to know more about the style of their home, there is a growing collection of items on identifying historic home styles and on specific house types, such as Victorian, Sears, and Pease homes. Additionally, the library has a number of guides on how to maintain and restore historic homes.