Fire Cadet Program

The Wyoming Fire Cadet Program is one of the oldest programs of its kind in Hamilton County. Founded in 1966, the program is a collaborative effort of the Department, Wyoming High School, and the community. Well over 175 cadets have gone through this program in the past 48 years, learning the basics of firefighting and assisting with salvage efforts. The intent of the Cadet Program is to foster the interest of Wyoming High School students in the fire service and not only encourage them to serve as future members of Wyoming Fire & EMS, but also to introduce them to the value of community service. These cadets have special permission from the High School to respond to emergencies during school hours. Their academic progress is monitored by both their parents and the Department to assure that their cadet responsibilities are not interfering with their classroom responsibilities. Students wishing to participate in the Cadet Program may do so once they have entered high school.