Waste Collection

Reminder: Brown wheelers are for trash, and Green wheelers are for recycling.

The City has a contract with Rumpke to provide both solid waste and recycling collection services.

Solid waste (household trash) and recycling are collected once a week. To find what day household trash and recycling are picked up on your street, view the Garbage Days (PDF) or contact the City at 513-821-7600 to find out your collection day.

Each home is provided one waste wheeler (Brown) and one recycling wheeler (Green). All refuse is to be placed in the appropriate waste or recycling wheeler. All items must be set out to the curb by 6 am on your scheduled collection day.

Rumpke does not pick up trash/recycling on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day; if your collection day falls on either of these holidays, the trash/recycling will be picked up the following day.

If you have recently moved into a home and no wheeler was left with the home call Rumpke directly to place an order for a trash wheeler at 1-800-828-8171. If you need a recycling wheeler please call Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171.

Below are a few waste collection rules. Please call the City if you need clarification.

  • You may put one large item out per week in addition to your regular household trash. One large item per week could include such items as stoves, refrigerators (see next bullet point), water heaters, a mattress, a box spring, and a piece of furniture.
  • Items containing freon such as refrigerators and freezers must contain the required freon sticker and paperwork in order to be picked up. You must first have the freon removed from the item by a refrigerant recovery company or a heating and air type company. There are a variety of companies that provide this type of service and a quick search of your phone book or the internet should provide you with a reputable company to complete this service. Rumpke also requires you to place a “Freon Recovery Statement" on the appliance once a sticker has been affixed to the item confirming that the freon has been removed. Rumpke’s form can be found in the lobby of the City Building or download the Freon Recovery Statement (PDF).
  • Carpeting: Four rolls of carpeting cut into 4′ x 4′ pieces-rolled and tied (or taped), count as your one large item for the week.
  • A box spring and a mattress count as individual items for your weekly pick-up. If both items are placed at the curb for pick up, only one of them will be taken (one large item per week). These items must be wrapped in plastic to prevent the spread of bed bugs. Plastic sheeting can be found at any hardware-type store.
  • Any furniture items that are covered with an upholstery material must also be wrapped in plastic to prevent the spread of bed bugs.
  • Companies installing new appliances should be asked to haul away their old items.
  • Rumpke is not able to pick up cast iron bathtubs or sinks or upright pianos and absolutely no concrete is allowed to be picked up curbside by Rumpke.
  • Refuse from construction projects will not be picked up curbside. You must make arrangements with your contractor to dispose of construction refuse. Visit the Special Waste Collection Services page to view information on how to dispose of construction materials from home-owner-completed projects.
  • Rumpke is prohibited by the EPA to collect household hazardous materials such as paint, pesticides, motor oil, batteries, and tires. Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services provides information on how to properly dispose of these items. Visit the Hamilton County Environmental Services website.

If your household trash has been missed, please call Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171.