Water Works Department

In the event of a loss of water pressure (or no water pressure) first check the Nixle advisories to determine if this problem has been reported and is being addressed. For more information or for reporting other problems, contact 513-821-8044 during normal business hours or 513-821-0037 after hours. Leave a message, if necessary, and calls will be returned. You may also contact the non-emergency police department number at 513-821-0141 after hours. If you are not already signed up to receive Nixle emergency notifications and want to receive them, Check the Nixle Tutorial (PDF).

Water Works Operators are trained to respond to a variety of inquiries and emergencies 24 hours a day.

Most water main breaks are repaired within two hours of the Public Works repairmen arriving on site. The Water Works Department assists residents in locating and stopping leaks. They also provide such services as explaining water bills and helping to resolve complex water quality issues and regulations to residents.