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Gas & Electric Aggregate Update
The City of Wyoming has worked closely with our energy consultant Energy Alliances to evaluate options for renewing the program beyond June 2022. Due to a significant increase in energy prices since summer 2021 and particularly this past winter, Energy Alliances has recommended to the City Council not to lock into any prices at this time and to have all accounts on the program go back to Duke’s GCR rate starting with their July 2022 bill.

Why did Energy Alliances make this recommendation?
• A combination of a cold winter high demand and low storage, not to mention geopolitical tensions in Europe, have drove natural gas prices to their highest levels in several years.
• Locking in a price now to keep the program going through the summer of 2022 would force the City Council to lock into historically high prices for 2022 and beyond.
• Sending accounts back to Duke’s default rates for the summer gives Energy Alliances and communities leader time to evaluate the market to see if prices come down before the winter. Since the average resident consumes only 7% of their annual natural gas usage during the months of July – October. Finding a favorable rate for the Winter of 2023 is most important.

What do residents have to do?
• Nothing must be done. The change will occur automatically.
• Accounts will receive a letter from Duke notifying them of the change after the utility is notified of the change by Constellation NewEnergy, the supplier of the aggregation program. They will start sending accounts back to Duke in early May, effective for June. This process will continue until all accounts are returned to Duke by mid-June.

Will the program return?
• We hope to restart the program and residents will then see opt-out letters for the new program mailed to eligible accounts in August 2022.
• Energy Alliances will continue to monitor the market and work closely with the community to lock in a price as soon as market conditions are right.

If you have any questions regarding the community’s aggregation program, you can reach out to Energy Alliances in several ways:
Phone: 513-794-5555
Chat with on their website:

Duke Energy Project
(East Mills Avenue from Anthony Wayne to Springfield Pike)
Duke Energy will be replacing the overhead lines in this area. The work will require them to replace poles, flag traffic, close lanes, and tree trimming.

It is anticipated that the work will begin on February 7, 2022 with completion estimated to be April 30. Click here to view the notice sent to the affected residents from Duke. Rusty Herzog, City Manager, went door-to-door on East Mills and spoke with as many people as he could reach to share information about the project. If you need additional information or have concerns, you can reach out to Steven Harden at Duke Energy at 513-287-5637 or

Duke Energy Tree Trimming Project
Duke Energy will be performing tree trimming along their power lines over the next several weeks. Click here to view a map of the areas affected. Although these areas were trimmed approximately 5 years ago, it is time to trim the branches that have grown back (commonly referred to as “sucker growth”). In some rare cases, there will be trees removed on private property; however, those will be worked out with the property owner in advance.

Duke has put out door hangers at properties with trees that will be affected and is also to be notifying all customers in the areas where work will be taking place. The City conducted a pre-construction meeting with Duke and their contractor to discuss the expectations for the work. In general, the contractor (Wright Tree Service) will be grinding and removing any of the small limbs but will leave any trunks or larger diameter (larger than 6”) limbs stacked on the property. The City will pick up any limbs, etc from City owned trees. The property owner will be responsible for the limbs from privately owned trees as explained in the agreement between Duke and the property owner.

The contact number for Duke Vegetation Management is 866-385-3675 (This number is shown on the door hanger). This is a message center that is monitored at least twice daily. Customers/residents can expect a return call within 48 hours and an in person meeting afterwards if/when necessary.

Springfield Pike Traffic Signal Study
This spring, TEC Engineering will be performing a signal timing study on the Springfield Pike corridor within the City limits to analyze the current traffic flow now that the road project is complete. The intent of the study will be to optimize traffic flow on the Pike while also efficiently and safely handling pedestrian and side street traffic. The study will be funded by ODOT and should be complete this year. The system is designed to run different timing plans at different times of the day (rush hour, school release, overnight, etc.). The new timing study will optimize the signal coordination for these times. The timing study needs to run for a month to collect a sufficient amount of data. If school lets out before a full month of data is collected TEC Engineering may have to return in the fall to finalize the study. We’ll keep you posted as the project moves along.

2022 Sidewalk Repair Program
The City is beginning the 2022 Sidewalk Repair Program. The focus this year is Target Area 1, encompassing the northern portion of Wyoming. It’s bounded by Bonham Road to the north (including Rolling Hills and Wyoming Glen neighborhoods), the Edges of Wyoming and Morts Pass to the west, Fleming Road to the south, and Springfield Pike to the east. Additionally, the repair list will include significant hazards identified elsewhere throughout the City.

City staff will be out marking sidewalks with white paint over the next month that meet the criteria for repair/replacement. If you have any questions or want to report a hazardous sidewalk, please contact Tana Bere at (513) 679-4616 or

Crosley sidewalk_before

Crosley sidewalk_in progress

Crosley sidewalk_after