The Reconstruction Plan

In 2018, The City of Wyoming plans to reconstruct Springfield Pike. The project includes:

  1. Replacement of road sub-base where deteriorated.
  2. Mill and overlay the entire length of the Pike through Wyoming.
  3. New curbs and gutters at existing location (road does not widen).
  4. New coordinated and computerized stop lights that allow traffic to move more efficiently.
  5. Reconfiguration of the road, changing from two lanes in each direction to one lane each direction with a center two-way turn lane. The new computerized stop lights will help traffic flow at least as smoothly as before, even with fewer lanes. These lights will also make it easier for people who live on the Pike to get in and out of their driveways, and for cars to enter/exit the Pike to/from side streets. Parking on the Pike will not change.

road diet before and after copy


Slimming roads from four lanes to three with a center turn lane is often called a “Road Diet.” Over 600 of these reconfigurations have been completed in the U.S.since 1995, resulting in 19-47% fewer crashes in most cases:

  • reductions in rear-end and left-turn crashes
  • reductions in right-angle crashes as side street motorists have fewer lanes to cross
  • smoother traffic flow, fewer lanes for pedestrians to cross
  • easier road scanning/gap selection for motorists making left turns onto the roads from side streets and driveways