Generations Together Program

WHO: Generations Together is a partnership between a Wyoming senior resident or couple and a Wyoming High School student.
WHAT: Students perform chores and help with technology or household needs for their matched senior. This program also acts as a mentoring program for students. Pairs develop a friendly relationship by sharing experiences.
WHERE: Usually at the senior’s house once/week for an hour or two – during the school year.
WHY: Form lasting friendships while bridging the gap between generations.
WHEN: Join today – active seniors are always needed! For more information, contact: Leslie Moorhead at 513-679-4622

Top 10 Reasons for Senior Citizens to Join Generations Together
10. Share your wisdom with a teenager.
9. Companionship – play games.
8. Get (free) help with yard work.
7. Have someone to bake with.
6. Get help with household jobs.
5. Share stories and old pictures.
4. Re-engage in Wyoming High School activities (watch your student perform!)
3. Have a friend to do things with.
2. Get free help with technology products (computer, cell phone).
1. Form lasting friendships while bridging the gap between generations.

How Does a Senior Citizen Join Generations Together?
1. Call Leslie at 513.679.4622 to express your interest/ask questions.
2. Fill out the and the .
3. Leslie will find a student to pair with you, and call you to set up a meeting in your home (you, the student, and she will meet to get acquainted, answer any questions, and set up your first get-together with the student).
4. At the end of each student visit, you and your student will set up the next get-together based on your mutual schedules (every week could be a different day of the week and/or time).
5. Enjoy interacting with your student! Have fun together, learn together, and accomplish things together!