Fine Schedule

Notice: All payout amounts other than parking citations include court costs. If you were charged with more than one violation see below.

Seat Belt and Parking Violations
Seat Belt – Driver $75.00
Seat Belt – Passenger $65.00
Seat Belt – Child Restraint $105.00
Handicap Parking $255.00
Permit Required Parking $145.00
All other Parking $35.00
Moving Traffic Violations
Speeding $150.00
Speeding – 2nd Offense in 12 Months $160.00
Speeding in School Zone $170.00
ACDA $155.00
Following Emergency Vehicle $180.00
Approaching a Stationary Public Safety Vehicle $215.00
Vehicles Transporting Explosives $215.00
Reckless Driving $180.00
Operation Willful Wanton Disregard $215.00
Drive Over Freshly Painted Lines $180.00
All Other Moving Traffic Violations $150.00
Non-Moving Traffic Violations
Pedestrian Yielding to Emergency Vehicle $160.00
All Other Non Moving Traffic Violations $140.00
Criminal Violations
Hunting Prohibited $210.00
Failure to Disperse $210.00
Disorderly Conduct – Intoxicated $210.00
Gift of Marijuana $210.00
Drug Abuse $210.00
Cultivation of Marijuana $210.00
Littering $210.00
Failure to Report a Crime or Death $210.00
Failure to Aid Law Enforcement Officer $210.00
Unlawful Display of Law Enforcement Emblem on a Motor Vehicle $210.00
Purchase of Alcoholic Beverage by Minor $210.00
Purchase/Sale of Low Alcohol Beverages to Minor $210.00
Sale Permit Required $210.00
Open Container $210.00
Excavation Improvement and Driveways $210.00
Loud Music $210.00
All Other Criminal Violations $150.00
2016 Misdemeanor Bond Schedule
Misdemeanor 1st Degree  $440.00
Misdemeanor 2nd Degree  $340.00
Misdemeanor 3rd Degree  $240.00
Misdemeanor 4th Degree  $140.00
Minor Misdemeanor  No Bond (If O.R.C. 2935.26 does not apply)

Notice: If you have been charged with more than one violation on the same citation the court costs are only charged on one violation.
Please call the clerk to find out the correct payment amount (513) 821-0141.