This spring, Wyoming’s one million gallon drinking water concrete reservoir, located near Hilltop School, is scheduled to be rehabilitated. The reservoir was built in 1949 and its roof is beginning to show some concrete spalling and cracking issues. The project will include piping, venting, and access improvements in addition to a new mixer which will be installed to improve water quality by reducing water age.

To perform the work, the reservoir will need to be taken out of service. It is anticipated that Greater Cincinnati Water will be utilized to provide water to city residents during this time. With the rehabilitated roof and wall maintenance, it is estimated the additional useful life for the reservoir will be in excess of 25 years.

DN Tanks, a concrete tank company from Massachusetts, was awarded the project last fall after competitive bidding. Wyoming received a grant from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for 50% of the project cost, or $420,000. The project is scheduled to begin the week of April 18 and will run through June.

Update 7/19/22: The concrete reservoir project is essentially complete. The restored tank, although 70 years old, looks brand new! The exterior of the site will need to be restored still, and the electric hooked up for the new mixer.

Financial Impact
Project total: $841,732
American Rescue Plan Act (GRANT): $420,000
Water Works Fund: $421,732

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