Wyoming Family Aquatic Center
Play and Spray Baby Pool Area Repair Update

During the pool opening process in 2022, Public Works staff members discovered a substantial leak in the piping that services the Play and Spray baby pool area of the Aquatic Center. The pipe’s job is to take used water from the Play and Spray baby pool to the filter room/pump house to be treated. The exact location of the leak could not initially be found due to the number of bends in the pipe underground.

Many solutions were considered to fix the leak. Due to the close location of the now filled Lap Pool (the larger pool adjacent to the baby pool) it was determined too risky to dig up the baby pool deck because it could compromise the integrity of the lap pool walls and its underground pipes as well.

Fortunately, Public Works was able to obtain the construction drawings for the underground components of the pool that showed the layout of the pipe that was leaking. With this new information, we were able to confirm that the location of the leak is too close to the lap pool to safely excavate to repair the leak.

At this point, the City has exhausted all methods to be able to get the baby pool operating in its normal capacity for the 2022 season. We will be working to obtain pricing to install a liner in the leaking pipe, assuming it will be less expensive than excavating around it. If, however, the liner proves to be more expensive than replacing the pipe, the City will have to apply to the State of Ohio Department of Health for a permit to replace the pipe this fall.

Why wasn’t this problem identified sooner so it could be fixed before the pool opened?
Unfortunately, the problem of a leaking pipe only showed itself once Public Works attempted to fill the pool. Every year, Public Works staff begins filling the pool around the second week of May, giving them plenty of time to get the water chemicals balanced, county inspections performed, and any routine maintenance items addressed. Maintenance staff began making extensive repairs to the other pools and painted the inside of the lap pool as well. This extra maintenance work put filling the pools back a week or so.

Once the leak was discovered, and all viable solutions were considered, it was determined that opening the baby pool on time (then having to drain it for the repairs) would add additional costs to operations in water, chemicals, and staff time.

Opening the Wyoming Family Aquatic Center is always a high priority item for the Public Works Department. Public Works dedicates approximately three full-time staff members that are Certified Pool Operators for approximately three weeks to open the pool each year in the spring. The Public Works staff are looking forward to making the needed repairs in the fall once the pool is closed for the season so that operations may return to normal in 2023.

The City appreciates all our residents, members, and guests for continuing to support the efforts of the Public Works Department, Recreation Department, and SwimSafe staff members so that we can operate our facility in a safe and effective manner. We plan to continue to operate the makeshift sprinkler system at the pool during designated times.

UPDATE: Once the pools were closed for the 2022 season, Public Works was able to find and repair the source of the leak. The baby pool will be operational in 2023.