Crescent Park Improvements
New Accessible Playground Equipment

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The scope of the work includes two phases, Infrastructure Improvements and the Playground Installation. These items will occur during the Infrastructure Improvements phase:

  • Expand the landscaping wall and the landscaping from the south end of the park to the north end of the park.
  • The public parking lot between Gabby’s and the park will be expanded to include additional handicap accessible parking spaces as well as additional regular parking spaces.
  • A new irrigation system will be installed to support the existing two soccer fields. This will keep the playing fields nice and green
Financial Impact
Playground: $489,909
Infrastructure improvements: $370,000
Project total: $859,909
Funding for Playground:
State Budget Grant: $147,000
Comm. Dev. Block Grant (CDBG) Funds: $115,000
Private Donations: $227,909
Funding for Infrastructure:
City Funds: $370,000

The tentative timeline for the site improvements and playground installation at Crescent Park are as follows:

  • The project will be bid in April.
  • Construction is tentatively set to begin in May and be completed by mid June.
  • The playground will be ready to be built by community volunteers in late June or July.

Stay tuned for continuous updates as this project moves along.

Update: May 5, 2022
Construction begins!

Beginning phases of Crescent Park remodel.

Rachel Leininger ( 513-842-1359
Rusty Herzog ( 513-842-1382