After public input, ODOT has made its recommendation for the Anthony Wayne exit at Millsdale from I-75 south.

Feedback from the communities and citizens that had been gathered through the process, ODOT D-8 is recommending Option 5 as its Recommended Preferred Alternative for the Anthony Wayne connection. This option provided the communities with all the turning movements they enjoy today while providing the Village of Lockland full access to and from the Interstate 75 collector ramp which also enables the Village of Lockland’s Fire and EMS to have access to the southbound Galbraith/75 collector ramp to service the interstate. The City of Wyoming receives their requested restricted through movements from the interstate connection to Millsdale Street. The City of Cincinnati/Hartwell community gets the IR 75 off-ramp traffic being restricted from cutting through Millsdale and Sheehan. Local left-turning movement improvements are anticipated to be needed from northbound Anthony Wayne to Wyoming Avenue with additional street calming measures being incorporated into the project once additional traffic modeling has been finalized.

Thank you for your participation, your input helped Wyoming receive its preferred outcome!

Below is the Recommended Preferred Alternative for the Anthony Wayne Intersection.



History of the Process:
The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will be hosting two public meetings to discuss alternate plans for the Thru the Valley Project. These plans could potentially impact traffic in the City of Wyoming. We ask that all residents take time to participate in one of the public meetings.

Information about the two public meetings can be found HERE.

The I-75 Thru the Valley project involves widening and reconstruction of I-75 from SR 126/Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway north to just south of I-275 in Tri-County. The goals of this project are to improve safety and ease congestion on I-75.

The project has 8 phases. Phases 1 and 2 are almost complete and included widening I-75 between Shepherd Lane and Glendale-Milford Road and a reconfigured exit at Shepherd Lane. The Galbraith Road exit will remain.

Major Area for Consideration
Phases 4, 5, and 6 include removing the current I-75 southbound Wyoming Ave. exit in Lockland for safety reasons.  A new exit will be constructed to Anthony Wayne Ave. at Millsdale St. This new exit could impact traffic patterns in the City of Wyoming.

Click on this link to see exhibit 5 which show the options being considered for the Millsdale St. exit.

Please consider commenting in support of:

1. The outcomes for alternates 3, 4, and 5 appear to be the best options to maintain safe traffic flow for the residents and the City of Wyoming. These plans prohibit traffic from using Millsdale St. (East Mills Ave.) to enter or exit I-75.

2. Additional comments would be helpful to encourage ODOT to enhance the intersection of Anthony Wayne Ave. and Wyoming Ave. to include a left turn lane and left turn arrow.

3. Additional comments could include identifying exit #10-B as Lockland & Wyoming instead of being identified as only Lockland (see Exhibit 7 (top right corner of map).

Please note that ODOT’s I-75/Thru The Valley project is discussed in the City of Wyoming’s 2018 Master Plan (reference pages 28-29, 112-113), which shows the proposed exit at Millsdale Ave. along with northbound and southbound I-75 maintaining a split alignment. The City remains committed to being an active partner in the planning and design process to ensure the project positively benefits the community through improved access, while also minimizing potential negative traffic impacts on Wyoming’s neighborhood streets.