Yard Waste Disposal


Please note the following guidelines for yard waste disposal:

  • All yard waste must be separated and placed at the curb in separate containers or bundles that are tied together.
  • Yard waste is picked up on Mondays throughout the entire City, Items must be to the curb and properly prepared and stickered by 6:00 a.m. on Monday mornings. You may place your items to the curb after 4:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings.
  • A blue yard waste sticker for each 35-GALLON container is required and may be purchased at the City Building for $2.50. If you are using a paper lawn bag, each bag must have a $2.50 sticker attached as well and each yard waste bag must not weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Place yard waste loosely in a trash can with a lid and handles or in a paper yard waste bag. The City does not sell the paper yard waste bags; you can get them at all hardware stores and grocery stores.
  • The 35-GALLON container can weigh no more than 50 pounds.
  • No plastic bags can be used. No wheelbarrows, paper bins, Tyvek® type collapsible bins or metal barrels will be accepted.
  • Sticks shall be bundled (and tied) in lengths no more than four feet in length, two feet in diameter, and weigh no more than 50 pounds per bundle. A stickers is required for each bundle.
  • Yard waste must be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on Monday or after 4:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings.
  • Please note: Only yard waste prepared correctly and containing the proper amount of yard waste stickers will be collected by Rumpke.
  • It is strenuously recommended that you NOT use the brown or green wheelers for yard waste as these containers are not made to hold the weight of yard waste and they will become damaged more quickly than if used strictly for garbage or recycling. If you absolutely must use the brown wheeler or the green wheeler for yard waste additional stickers ARE REQUIRED. A 64-gallon wheeler requires TWO stickers and a 96-gallon wheeler requires THREE stickers.
  • Rumpke makes a sturdy 96-gallon wheeler that is made specifically for yard waste materials. This yard waste wheeler is rented/leased or purchased directly from Rumpke (no stickers would be required if you lease/rent the wheeler, stickers may still be required if you buy the yard waste wheeler). Should you wish to rent/lease or purchase a yard waste wheeler, please contact Rumpke directly at 1-800-828-8171.
  • Yard waste pick up does not end in the winter months, the service runs year-round. However, from the first Monday in December to the first Monday in March if you have yard waste out for your Monday pick up you will need to call Rumpke by the Friday before to let them know to stop at your house. Sticker are still required. You will call Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171 to schedule a winter yard waste pick up at your home.

If you feel your yard waste was properly prepared but was missed for pick up, you must report the issue directly to Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171.

Storm Damage Yard Waste Pickup Policy (adopted September 2015)
If there is a city-wide severe storm that has caused damage to private property throughout the City of Wyoming, the City Manager may make a determination that storm damage should be picked up by the city. Call or email the City Administration Building on the first business day following the storm (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) at 821-7600 to verify if the determination to collect storm damage has been made. If the decision to collect debris has been made, the Public Works Department will pick up limbs and debris that can be moved from the yard to the tree lawn (the lawn between the sidewalk and the curb or equivalent area). Disposal of entire trees is not permitted. Yard waste and debris will be picked up beginning the first Monday, following the storm. If the storm occurs on a weekend, the pickup will begin one week from the first Monday. Public Works will make one pickup per household. You must have your debris at the curb by the first collection date in order to be assured your debris will be collected. If you do not have your debris placed at the curb by the pickup date, disposal of limbs and brush must be done through Rumpke on regular trash pick-up days (following yard waste collection guidelines).