The DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) was created to help enhance Wyoming’s vibrant and expanding local restaurants, retail, and special event scene with an economic development tool that would help promote Wyoming as a destination for dining, retail, and entertainment.

Why did the city decide to introduce a disposable DORA cup?
In just over two years, the city has gone through 15,000 reusable cups. Most of these cups are not being reused as intended, but rather thrown in the trash. The reusable cups are a much thicker plastic than a single use cup and are a greater harm to the environment. The DORA stickers will offer a solution that can be placed on recyclable cups and offset the number of hard plastic cups that go in the trash.

Other benefits include:

  • Stickers offer the participating businesses flexibility in the size of cup for their various drinks such as wine, cocktails, and beer which local businesses have been asking for.
  • Guests from outside Wyoming attending our large events are unlikely to reuse their purchased DORA cup.

What is the city doing to continue to find the best solutions possible for all stakeholders?
The City of Wyoming will continue to work towards innovative solutions. The Environmental Stewardship Commission will review the DORA cup process in September. The city will continue to work with the participating DORA businesses to monitor cup usage, recycling, and trash, as well as coming up with best practices for all stakeholders. This is an evolving process.

Can I still bring/use my reusable DORA cup?
Yes, reusable cups can still be used.

Are the disposable cups recyclable?
Restaurants will have the option to purchase recyclable cups from their suppliers.

Can I buy stickers and use them on my own cups?
No, the businesses must supply approved drink cups with DORA stickers attached.

Can I bring my own cup for the DORA?
Only the reusable DORA cup or a plastic cup with a DORA sticker purchased from a participating business may be used.

Who is purchasing the stickers and plastic cups?
The participating DORA businesses will purchase the stickers through the city, and the businesses will purchase their own plastic cups.

Can I put a sticker on a glass bottle?
For purposes of the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, beer and intoxicating liquor shall be served solely in plastic bottles or other plastic containers that are distinctly marked.

If you have additional questions, please contact Rusty Herzog rherzog@wyomingohio.gov.