March 6, 2017 @ 8:00 am America/New York Timezone

Today is the first day you may begin calling to place an order for free mulch to be delivered to your home. You can call 821-7600 beginning at 8am to place your order over the phone or you can use the on-line order form on the City’s website (Service Requests tab in the green ribbon on the home page) the on-line form will not show up and will not be activated for use until March 6.

When calling in your order you’ll need to let us know if you want a half-truckload or a full-truckload. The City dump trucks (snow plow trucks) are what your mulch is delivered in, so it’s either a half or full truck bed of mulch. A half-truckload of mulch is approximately 4-5 cubic yards. You’ll also need to provide your dumping location. The truck will need to back in to your driveway and the tires of the truck cannot leave the driveway surface. The trucks cannot drive up or over the street curbs and/or public sidewalks and mulch cannot be dumped anywhere in the public right-of-way or on the street.

If you receive a busy signal when you call or if you feel you can’t get through please keep trying, we take approximately 500 orders each year and everyone tries to call at 8am on Monday. If you can’t get through to us or can’t stay on hold, consider using the on-line order form or simply call another day that week, it will take us some time to get through 500 orders, we won’t run out on day one.  Please do not leave a message on the voice mail system for mulch as your order will likely not get taken, you must speak with someone on the phone or use the on-line form (if you leave important information off of the on-line form someone will call you for clarification).

Deliveries:  Mulch delivery dates/times cannot be determined when you place your order. Deliveries could start the first week of March or later. Crews must get their daily priority items completed before mulch deliveries. Water main breaks and snow/ice/storm removal (for example) will take top priority over mulch deliveries.

Questions:  Email Customer Service.