West Fork Mill Creek Work

West Fork Mill Creek Streambank Restoration
The West Fork Mill Creek Streambank Restoration Project has been completed. Water Quality Systems, Inc. out of Cleves, Ohio completed their work this week by planting 145 live cuttings along the base of the streambank. Late last year, WQSi planted over 100 1-gal herbaceous species further up the bank. Finally, over 25 volunteers helped plant an additional 50 native plants at the top and adjacent to the bank as part of “Make a Difference Day” October 24, 2015. It is anticipated that ultimately this riparian area will not only be stabilized, but will be quite beautiful and an asset to the City of Wyoming’s Oak Park entrance. The city is appreciative of the $112,580 grant received from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency under the Surface Water Improvement Fund program.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mike Lippert at 821-0037 or mlippert@wyomingohio.gov.

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