Billing Information

Water meters are read every three months. Water bills are payable quarterly. The late penalty is ten percent (10%) of your total bill. Non payment of delinquent bills results in a “Final Notice” bill with an additional “Final Notice” charge of $15.00 added to the delinquent charge.

According to Ordinance 16-2022: “Water service shall be shut off when bills remain unpaid for a period of 45 days from the date the bill was rendered and a charge as set forth in the most current schedule of fees adopted by City Council shall be make for turning the water service back on after payment is made.”

For billing information, please call 513.821.8044. Please use your account number when making inquiries about your bill. A drop box is located outside the front doors of the City Building, 800 Oak Avenue, and may be used for after-hours payments.

For questions regarding your water bill, balance inquiries, or any other Water Works billing needs, contact Debbie Hufft at 513.821.8044 or by email.

For all other Water Works questions, please call Mike Lippert, Water Works Director, at 513.821.0037 or email Mike.

2023 Water Rates:

Inside City Limits:
Minimum bill: 700 cu. ft./$47.80
Each additional 100 cu. ft. $6.83
Outside City Limits:
Minimum bill: 700 cu. ft./$59.75
Each additional 100 cu. ft. $8.53