Wyoming Mayor’s Court

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The City of Wyoming maintains and operates its own Mayor’s Court which provides speedy and equitable justice to individuals charged with misdemeanors, settles minor disputes, and encourages respect for law and the administration of justice. The Court processes approximately 1,500 cases annually during the 26 Mayors Court dates. Half of the minor traffic cases are processed through a mail-in procedure or paid out in person prior to court.

Court cases processed prior to court are handled at the Wyoming Police Department, Safety Services Building, 600 Grove Avenue, Wyoming, Ohio, 45215.

Mayor’s Court is generally held every other Wednesday, 6:00 p.m., at the Wyoming Municipal Building, 800 Oak Avenue. Click here for the current Mayor’s Court schedule.

For questions regarding Mayor’s Court citations or charges, contact the Wyoming Police Department at 513.821.0141 or email the Clerk of Court.