The Wyoming Police Department takes seriously all complaints regarding the service provided by the Department and the conduct of its members. Although written complaints are preferred, a complaint may also be filed orally, either in person or by telephone.

Personnel complaints include any allegation of misconduct or improper job performance that, if true, would constitute a violation of department policy or of federal, state or local law, policy or rule. Personnel complaints may be generated internally or by the public.

The Department will accept and address all complaints of misconduct in accordance with Wyoming Police Department Policy #1010 and any applicable federal, state, and local law, municipal and county rules, and the requirements of any collective bargaining agreements.

It is also the policy of this department to ensure that the community can report misconduct without concern for reprisal or retaliation.

By submitting this form, you are certifying that the facts contained herein are true and correct in accordance with 2921.13 and 2921.15 Ohio Revised Code. It is a violation of law to file a false complaint against a Police Officer (O.R.C. 2921.15).

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