Customer Service & Finance Department

The Customer Service & Finance Department is responsible for financial control (including investments and debt management), data processing, accounts payable, personnel benefits, payroll processing, and collection of all City revenue. Such revenue includes the 1.0% City income tax, utility billings, state and county funding (including property tax), and charges for various public services (e.g. emergency service runs, police security, water removal) and for customer service including assisting walk in customers and customers calling into the City Building, assisting with the building permitting process, and providing general customer service to City departments.

The Customer Service & Finance Department is also responsible for coordinating with outside organizations to provide various services and benefits, such as serving as a collection agent for the Metropolitan Sewer District with regard to sewer usage in the City. In exchange for billing and collection services, the City retains a 7.0% fee based on total sewer revenue billed. The Customer Service & Finance Department also acts as a liaison to MediCount Management, the organization contracted to collect City revenue from emergency service runs within the City.

The Customer Service & Finance Department’s mission is to adhere to the financial policies established by City Council, develop administrative policies that maintain the integrity of the City’s financial system, provide quality support to both internal and external customers, and dedication to excellent customer service. This is accomplished by:

  • providing citizens, vendors and staff with quality service;
  • assisting City Council, the City Manager and all City staff with budget preparation and financial matters in an efficient and responsive manner;
  • preparing comprehensive, yet understandable, budgets and financial statements;
  • insuring timely and effective accounts payable and accounts receivable procedures;
  • administering and overseeing the City’s Income Tax Code;
  • assisting in the administration of the Department of Water Works Operating Code;
  • maintaining accurate and accountable records of all City financial transactions;
  • providing assistance in the coordination of the flow of work between City departments to ensure timely completion; and
  • providing quality customer service and support to the public both in person and on the telephone

Customer Service & Finance Department Staff:

Jeremiah Caudill, Finance Director
513.842.1353 email Jeremiah
Linda Bussell-Amyx, Account Specialist
Tax Assistance, Accounts Payables, Payroll
email Linda
Debbie Hufft, Account Specialist
Water Works, Tax Assistance
email Debbie
Debby Martin, Executive Assistant
Customer Service 
email Debby

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Mailing Address:
City of Wyoming
800 Oak Avenue
Wyoming, OH 45215