The Greenways Committee’s continuous efforts made the Wyoming Hike/Bike Trail possible. The committee advises the City on improvements or extensions to the trail. This committee also plans events such as the Clean Up of the West Fork of the Mill Creek and the Creek Walk. The committee works to coordinate its efforts with other communities and groups, including the West Fork of the Mill Creek Task Force, Connecting Active Communities Coalition, Village of Woodlawn, Hamilton County Park District, and Mill Creek Watershed Council.

The Wyoming Hike/Bike Trail extends from the bend in the road where North Park Avenue and North Avenue meet, running through the woods to the Wyoming Recreation Center. In 2012, the Village of Woodlawn extended their Hike/Bike trail to connect to Wyoming’s trail. The combined trails can be used to access the Wyoming and Woodlawn Recreation Centers, Glenwood Gardens, and the Glenwood Crossings Shopping Center.

Members: Dan Crask (Recreation Commission representative), Pete Chronis, Margee Moore, Mary Jo Peairs, Scott Peyton, Charles Skidmore (Chair), Rick Stern, and Stan Streeter.

The meeting minutes will be posted once they are approved by the members at their next meeting. This subcommittee sets aside the fourth Monday of each month for their meetings however they generally will not meet regularly each month. Some months will have no meeting minutes and others may have more than one set of meeting minutes.

Meeting minutes will be posted once they are approved by the members at their next meeting.

Meeting Date Agendas Minutes
January 25, 2016 Agenda Minutes
February 22, 2016 Agenda No quorum
April 4, 2016 Agenda Minutes
April 25, 2016 Agenda No quorum
May 23, 2016 Agenda Minutes
August 22, 2016 Agenda Minutes
September 22, 2016 Agenda  No quorum
October 24, 2016 Agenda  Coming soon