The Vision of Wyoming*
The City of Wyoming is a welcoming, safe, and diverse community for its residents and its visitors. Its small-town charm offers opportunities to interact with neighbors, strengthen friendships, and cultivate new ones. The City of Wyoming actively encourages equal opportunity for all its citizens. Its employees operate within a culture of inclusion. Wyoming implements policies that enhance public trust, pedestrian-scale redevelopment, sustainability, waste reduction, and the preservation and health of the natural environment. The City of Wyoming promotes sound economic and financial planning practices to protect its good fiscal health, and it proactively responds to new economic, environmental, and social opportunities.

Master Plan
Click here to view the full version of the current City of Wyoming ten year Master Plan.
Click here to view a condensed version (Executive Summary) of the current City of Wyoming ten year Master Plan.


*Revisions to the Wyoming Vision Statement were adopted by Planning Commission on January 3, 2022.