Who Cares for Public Trees?

As is common in communities our size in the Midwest, Wyoming’s Public Works Department cares for public trees. In 2017, one of its long-time staffers attained ISA Certified Arborist® status, signaling the increasing investment the City is making in public trees.

Some locations – full care

The City is fully responsible for trees located in managed turf and the landscape beds that surround public buildings and for those trees growing in maintained areas of parks and preserves.

Curbside trees – shared care

ROW tree care is a partnership with abutting property owners. There is no ordinance requiring it, but all residents are heartily encouraged to foster street tree health and longevity by watering as needed and working to prevent physical and chemical damage — simple, “act local” tasks. See the “Nurturing” section for tips.

Similar to the City of Cincinnati, Wyoming bears the greater burden of care for ROW trees — the full cost of purchasing, planting, trunk protection (from buck-rubs), structural pruning, and miscellaneous care throughout the service life of the tree, at which point the tree is removed, the stump is ground out and the cycle starts over with installation of a new tree — tasks best bundled and executed under a unifying strategy.

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