Who is GoZERO?

GoZero has been in business and operating continuously since 2016. Their singular focus is innovating resource stewardship – starting with food waste, diverting it from landfilling, and working to make it easy for mid to small-scale food waste generators to do their part. GoZERO provides food waste compost courier services to K-12 schools, universities, offices, manufacturing facilities, grocers, restaurants, community drop-offs, and events. They currently serve 12 public localities at 20 stations and 11 privately hosted stations across Western and Central Ohio.

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1. Is there a cost for this program?
2. Can anyone participate, or is it just Wyoming residents?
3. What can and cannot be composted with this program?
4. Will it be messy?
5. Who is GoZERO?
6. What happens to the food waste that is picked up?
7. Will compostable cups and cutlery be accepted?