Spring Leaf Pick Up
March 27-April 14

  • Rake your leaves to the edge of your yard (if you do not have sidewalks) or place them in the tree lawn area if you do have sidewalks.
  • Do not rake leaves into the gutters or the street and do not mix them with grass or rocks which can clog and/or damage the equipment and injure the employees. Raking leaves into the street will create a hazard for vehicles and may clog storm water drains. It is important to keep the storm water drainage path clear at all times.
  • If at all possible, extend the leaves no more than 6′ behind the edge of pavement so the equipment can reach them.
  • The equipment cannot access the leaves if a vehicle is obstructing the area; this will cause your leaves not to get picked up until the area is clear of vehicles. Once the crew runs their designated route they will re-start their route from its beginning.
  • It is not possible to tell you what day crews will be on your street especially when the volume of leaves progresses. We will do everything we can to get your leaves picked up in a timely fashion. Keep in mind the Public Works Department must also maintain its normal work duties in addition to providing the leaf pick up service.

Questions:  Contact Rob Nicolls 513.821.3505 or rnicolls@wyomingohio.gov