Why is the City so slow picking up the leaves this year?

The simple answer is that for whatever reason, the leaves have fallen much faster this year than they did last year which takes more time to collect for each street.

Consider this: Through November 7, 2021, City crews collected 32 loads of leaves. Through November 7, 2022, City Crews have collected 196 loads of leaves. This is 6 times the amount of leaves we collected during the same period in 2021.

Public Works has 3 crews consisting of a dump truck, leaf vacuum, and 3 Maintenance Workers working all day, every day to collect the leaves. There are 3 dedicated routes they run. Once they’ve covered the entire route, they start over again at the beginning of the route. It has taken each crew approximately 2 weeks to cover their respective route during this current time. Once this “round” is complete, we anticipate the time required to cover each route will be closer to 1 week (which is typical).

Click here for a map of the leaf pick up routes. Keep in mind they typically go up one side of the street(s) then come back on the other side (always collecting the leaves from the “passenger side” of the vehicle). They may cover one side of several streets before covering the opposite side of the street(s).