Wyoming’s Environmental Stewardship Commission would like to learn more about how storm run-off affects local homeowners. Some property owners have experienced long-standing or new issues with storm run-off and water backups on their property. To learn more about these issues and help uncover potential solutions, the ESC has created an online survey for residents to report their experiences. Many longtime residents have noticed a change in recent years in the intensity of rain events, and anecdotal evidence indicates either rising levels of water-related stress on private properties, and/or an increasing level of storm awareness among Wyoming’s homeowners.

If you have experienced flooding, please fill out the survey, here: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSctySn0WDf…/viewform…

(If you have not experienced flooding, there’s no need to take the survey).

To find out more about storm water, its impact on our community, and how you can help, please watch this video from acting City Manager, Rusty Herzog: https://youtu.be/2T2IpQJlu8U

To learn more about the survey, read What’s Up Wyoming’s Story: https://www.whatsupwyoming.com/…/community-survey-will…/