The City is responsible for plowing all dedicated City streets. During heavy snowfalls, crews will salt and plow continuously beginning with primary streets and proceeding to secondary streets. Their goal is to maintain major thoroughfares free and clear for services such as police, ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency equipment. Residents can help by parking vehicles off the street whenever possible during snowfalls so streets can be plowed and treated more efficiently. When vehicles are parked on the street, it is impossible to plow more than one lane. This is especially necessary in cul-de-sacs. Full clearing of the streets in these areas is impossible due to the limited maneuvering ability of the equipment.

The City receives many calls each year from residents because snow was plowed from the street and redeposited in front of private driveways. Plow operators have very little discretion as to where the snow can go. The snowplows are on fixed angles and the ability to change direction is very limited. The City also asks that residents do not shovel snow from private driveways onto public streets.

For questions and/or concerns contact Terry Huxel at 513-821-3505 or email