Coming September 28! New Ways to Pay your Water Bill
These new features will be activated starting Monday, September 28:

Pay Online
The City of Wyoming will provide residents a fast, easy, and safe way to conveniently pay bills online. Payments methods will include: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Electronic Check.
Pay by Phone
Pay by phone 24/7, even when the office is closed. Use your landline or mobile device to make a secure payment using our automated system (effective September 28).
Pay by Text
On the go? Sign up (starting September 28) to get text notifications about your bill and have the option to pay through text.
Continue to Pay by Mail
You will be able to still send payments by mail to the city.

More Convenient Features to Pay your Water Bill
Coming September 28

Even better – don’t worry about paying your bill at all! Starting September 28, enroll in AutoPay. Your bills can automatically be paid on the due date each billing cycle, using your default credit card or bank account. This may avoid any late fees and free you from having to remember when to pay.
Scheduling Payments
Starting September 28, you choose when to pay. Scheduled payments are individual payments that you schedule for any date you designate prior to the bill due date. The date of a scheduled payment can be changed as long as it is adjusted before the date scheduled.
Reduce paper clutter and the need to file or shred documents. Go paperless starting September 28 to receive bills, reminders, and receipts via email. You can receive an email notification each time a new bill is ready for you to view and pay (starting September 28).
Remind Me
Need a reminder? Our RemindMe feature adds an alert to your calendar. You can also get email and text (optional) reminders. You’ll be able to sign up for RemindMe starting September 28.

Access to the payment portal will be through the City’s website starting September 28. Stay tuned for the link, as it has not yet been activated.

CREDIT CARD USERS: From 5pm on Thursday, September 17 to noon on Monday, September 28 the City will not be able to take a credit card for any type of payment during our financial software upgrade. We will only be able to take cash and checks during this particular time frame.