Below is everything you could possibly need to know about the mulch ordering process.

We are now taking orders for free leaf mulch. Here’s how to order:
Order on line by clicking here.
Email your order to:
Call 821-7600 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please do not leave mulch orders on the city’s voice mail system.

When you place your order you will need to provide your last name, address, phone number you can be reached during the daytime, and whether you want a half-truck or a whole-truck of mulch. The mulch is delivered in the Public Works large dump trucks, so it would be half of the bed of the truck or the whole (heaping) bed; it’s not truly measured but the best way to judge the quantity is either 2 scoops or 4 scoops of a backhoe bucket. Our best estimate is that a full truck is about 6 cubic yards of mulch.

Dumping Location
Additionally, you’ll need to provide the dumping location. Here are a few rules:
-The truck needs to back in to your driveway in order to dump the mulch and the tires of the truck cannot leave the driveway surface.
-Mulch cannot be dumped on the public sidewalk, on/in the street, on your driveway apron, or in the tree lawn area between the sidewalk and the street.
-Trucks cannot back up and over the curbs to reach into your yard to dump the mulch.

Delivery Timing
Delivery dates/times cannot be determined when you place your order. As orders are taken they are given to the drivers so they can begin delivering as soon as they can. Because we have several drivers making deliveries please don’t think that your order is not coming if your neighbor gets theirs first. It will take us several weeks to get all 400 orders delivered. Depending on the weather and the workload, deliveries could start immediately. Although we cannot determine delivery dates if you need your mulch delivered after a certain time period (such as after Spring Break) please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. If you would like the driver to call you when your order is coming you must request this when you place your order but please understand, the call may come 1-2 stops before your delivery.

Questions: Email