Fall Leaf Collection
October 8 through December 12.

City crews will conduct curbside leaf pick up from October 8 until December 12. Please do not rake leaves into the gutters or into the street; place them just behind the curb in your yard and extend no more than ten feet up into your yard–the hose cannot reach that far up into your yard. Leaf piles blocked by vehicles may not initially be picked up; it is not possible for the equipment to get into such tight areas. Crews will attempt to reach each street once a week. Once the volume of leaves pick up it may take more time to get through each route. Once a crew finishes its route they will begin the route all over again. It is not possible for us to tell you what day a crew will be on your street as once the volume of leaves picks up it is hard to say if the route will go fast or slow. Your patience is appreciated.

For more information call 513.821.3505 or email thuxel@wyomingohio.gov