The City of Wyoming has recently heard from a few residents regarding the anticipated change to the southbound I-75 exit in Lockland. Questions have arisen locally due to how the project will impact traffic as it exits from I-75 onto Wayne Avenue and other local roads.

Background on the change: Currently, the southbound I-75 exit at Lockland is too narrow, sharp and unsafe. ODOT and the Village of Lockland, which together control the location of the exit, have decided to move the exit south from Wyoming Avenue to Wayne Avenue, at Millsdale Street. Millsdale Street becomes East Mills Avenue once it crosses the railroad tracks into Wyoming (the north side of the street belongs to the City of Wyoming and the south side belongs to the City of Cincinnati). It was in Lockland’s interest to move the exit to this southern location in order to maximize developable, industrial land for the creation of new factories and jobs.

Click here view a schematic map of the area.

When will this happen? Timing will depend upon the project funding but construction is anticipated around 2021-23 for this part of the I-75 “Through the Valley” project.

How will it impact Wyoming? The impact of the relocated exit is currently unknown. ODOT traffic study projections indicate that traffic counts from the exit onto Millsdale/East Mills to be 10 vehicles per hour.

What can Wyoming do? The planned location for the southbound exit will not be changed. At this point, Wyoming will have to “wait and see” the impact of this exit and the possibility of increased local traffic. Wyoming will have the ability to control local traffic in its own jurisdiction (i.e. restricting traffic from East Mills Avenue to “LEFT TURN ONLY” onto Burns Avenue, increased police enforcement, restricting semi-truck traffic, etc.).

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