City crews continue to pick up leaves curbside until December 12.

  • Please do not rake leaves into the street; place them just behind the curb in your yard and extend no more than 10 feet up into your yard. If you rake your leaves into the street or storm drains in the street and it rains, the rain will usually carry the leaves into the drains which will then back up and possibly cause flooding.
  • Do not put sticks, limbs, rocks, or any other objects in to your piles of leaves. This may clog or break the equipment and may injure the crews.
  • Leaf piles blocked by vehicles may not initially be picked up; it is not possible for the equipment to get into such tight areas.
  • Once the crew finishes their assigned route, they will begin the route over again from the beginning. Crews will not break their route pattern to come back and pick up leaves that you put out after they went past your house. Again, they will return over and over until the last day.
  • Initially, crews may be able to get to each street at least once a week however once the volume of leaves picks up, it will take the crews more time to complete their route.
  • It is not possible to tell you what day the crews will be on your street.

If you have any questions, contact Terry Huxel at 513-821-3505.